Statement regarding the terrible death of George Floyd and the BLM movement

The United States has been rocked recently by the senseless death of George Floyd. Unfortunately, George’s death has not been the first of preventable deaths caused by the police in recent years, therefore his death magnified many of the problems the country faces with regards to police brutality against the Black community.

I want to start by saying that I stand with the Black Lives Matter movement wholeheartedly. It is time that we take a stand against systemic racism and work towards the betterment of our great country and the world. It is my belief that the demonstrations protesting the inequalities of the treatment of the Black community by the police are entirely fair and reasonable. Unfortunately, there have been a small portion of people who have taken advantage of these demonstrations by way of violence, arson and looting. Which I do not condone. Violence is never the answer to violence.

I hope that in coming months the United States will find solutions that are geared towards helping the Black community and police reform, and we will be a better country for everyone because of this.


Richard Maize.