6 Powerfully Effective Branding Strategies

Why do you tend to buy some products and not others? Take a thoughtful look at what attracts you to a particular brand and turns you off similar merchandise or a service. This can help you to understand what might speak best to your customers when you’re developing your own branding. A strong brand will […]

An Introduction to the World of Mixed Martial Arts: What You Need to Know

Mixed martial arts (MMA) is one of the world’s fastest-growing sports, and if you’ve ever watched a fight, it’s easy to see why. They’re fast-paced, exciting, and sometimes even thrilling. A full-contact combat sport that borrows liberally from more traditional martial arts, MMA reached mainstream popularity in the U.S. only within the past two decades. […]

What You Need to Know about the Ultimate Fighting Championship

If you enjoy watching a riveting mixed martial arts (MMA) match on television, then you’ll be familiar with the UFC or Ultimate Fighting Championship. The UFC has done a lot over the years to bring MMA to mainstream viewing audiences. Not only has this organization thrilled spectators across the United States with MMA competitions, but […]

6 Tips to Hire for Diversity

So, you already understand the advantages of having greater diversity in the workplace. Perhaps you’ve experienced it firsthand by hiring employees representing a range of different backgrounds and skill sets. Over time, the composition of a workforce changes as people move on to other opportunities, new positions are created to meet business demands, and staff retire. […]

Here’s What Zillow Is Actually Doing, And It’s Not What You May Think

By now, you may have seen or heard about the viral TikTok video claiming a company is buying up properties in a calculated effort to drive up home values. Nevada real estate agent and TikTok user Sean Gotcher took to the popular video-sharing app to accuse an unnamed business of pulling off some convoluted scheme […]

6 Apps That Help Simplify Your Work Life

We live our lives on the go, often rushing from one task to another and hoping we’re on time and remember everything we need. But being well-organized can help cut through the noise and keep productivity levels at their highest. When we have a clear idea of what the day entails, we can plan better […]